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There are several standard sizes for folders. The most common size is 9x12". Some of the other commons sizes include legal-sized 9 1/2 x 14 1/2", 4x9", 6x9", 33/8x6". Most folders are designed with either one or two pockets. Folders also may come reinforced, meaning the sides are folded inward to add stability. Folders can include file tabs to fit easily in a file drawer or even removable rotary file cards. With your quote, we will also provide you with several different options for business card slits, if needed.

Folder colors and papers vary. We can find low prices for one-color, two-color, four-color, embossed and foil-stamped folders. We list several paper types on the Request For Quote Form. We can find the appropriate printer for any type of folder.

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