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Experience Counts!

When it comes to printing books or booklets, many customers make the initial mistake of going to a printer they have used for some other printing job in the past. Unfortunately, not all printers are alike. In fact, about every printer has its niche. Going to a printer with a job that does not fit that printerís niche can mean paying double or even triple what you should expect to pay. Almost every printer will tell you they can print your job at a competitive cost because they donít expect you to know the difference. However, having worked with book printers for the past 15 years, we know which printer will be able to provide a competitive price for your job.

Filling Out Your Request For Quote

For those who have never published a book before, the Request For Quote form can seem a little intimidating. If you donít know the answer to a question, use the space provided to explain as best you can what you are looking for. Remember, too, you can always call or
e-mail us for help.

Book/Booklet Size

No doubt we can find a printer that will offer a competitive price on any size job you need. However, there are fairly standard sizes in the industry, and you can usually save some money by sticking close to these standard sizes: 4x6", 5.5x8.5", 6x9", 8.5x11". Remember, these are only guidelines. If you need a different size, we promise we can find the most inexpensive price for you!


There are three basic types of binding you can choose for a book:

    • Casebound (hardcover)
    • Perfectbound (paperback)
    • Saddlestitch/staple (used for thinner books)


Most books/booklets are printed on a 60# offset white paper; some are printed on a 50# offset, which is a little thinner, to save costs. (Standard paper for a copy machine is usually 50# offset.) Large catalogs are usually printed on a 30-35# gloss to create a thinner publication. Paperback novels often are printed on a 30-35# groundwood, which is less expensive. Once you review your quote, we will be happy to provide paper samples to verify that the paper quality is what you are expecting.

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