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Pre-Press Design & Layout

Setting up your book in a professional page layout program can be a bit intimidating. That’s why 123PrintFinder provides design & layout services — at a very affordable cost!

When you submit your files to a printer, often they will find things that need to be fixed or adjusted before the file is considered “print-ready.” Most of the time, printing plants will charge around $90/hour to fix these problems!

That’s where 123PrintFinder can help. As a print broker, we can help you with your files before sending them to a printing plant — and our pre-press costs are much, much less than the average plant, often saving you 50% or more!

Can I do my own design & layout?

Yes, you can. And for many of our clients that may be printing just 25 or 50 books for personal use, that is what we recommend to save costs for them. (Click here for a list of acceptable file formats.)

However, if you are planning to sell your book in bookstores, you may want to consider having the inside layout of the book done professionally. This will enhance your credibility as you try to get bookstores to accept your book for resale, and will ultimately sell more of your books!

What do your pre-press services cost?

Costs will vary depending on the type and amount of work needed to get your materials “print-ready.” We can give you a free estimate of what we expect will be required. For a free estimate, simply fill out the form below to let us know about your individual project. We think you will be surprised how affordable our professional services are!

Here are our basic rates:
Type of work Hourly Fee
Text design & layout of book $40
Scanning, image work, color correction $60
Minor cover corrections $60
Complete cover design Click here

Remember, you can request a free estimate simply by filling out the form below or e-mailing us at prepress@123printfinder.com so we can get a better feel for your project.

Printing Your Book

In addition to pre-press design & layout, we also can help you get your book printed. For an exact printing quote, simply fill out our Book Printing Request form. We will put together a printing price and e-mail it to you in a few days. For more information about our book printing services click here.

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